"Homecoming", 2016

Songsmith Rufus Wainwright was “Homecoming’s” other guest star, and he stirringly sang and played piano for his own compositions, “Sonnet 20,” “Sonnet 43” and “Zebulon.” His plaintive voice added poignancy to the achingly heartfelt duet Millepied fashioned for himself and Taylor.

Closely mirroring the undercurrents of Shakespeare’s poetry and Wainwright’s lyrics, Millepied has the duo pinned together, first swirling and swooping, side by side and nearly always attached. Millepied next explores the crushing, disorienting blow of lost affections, as first he, then Taylor, portrayed lovers lost, blinded nearly. In repeated dance phrases, they reached out, searching for their beloved, coming up empty-handed. Eventually, they reunite, with joy but also sorrow.

L.A TIMES, 2016